Facebook reported approximately 1.93 billion daily active users. So don’t miss this opportunity to grab potential clients.

Updated: 29th November, 2021

Dear Business Builder,

If you want to make the Facebook ads work like a sale sucking machine and cash converting machine, then you are in the right place.

A real and working strategy about Facebook ads and not about theoretical courses that are selling from YouTuber and other gurus.

Whenever you use Facebook campaigns to expand the business you always get results of shit.

Sound familiar?

Because the Facebook campaign does not give you the results as per your expectations and you putted all the money on fire…
End result is frustration…..

Every time you keep the winning campaign and result always kisses the ground.

ROAS goes ground…

CPL and CPA increase like a money-eater monster.

Finally, you get small money back to in your account is less than more you invest…

What about ROI? It is disappeared.

It means you are not in the growth stage and you are putting your money in a hard basket.

It is not as per your expectation where you want to be.

This deadly result leads your company to the road of mediocrity.

Swipe the tear, remove the frustration, now you have good news for you.

We have revealed the ultimate strategies that grow your companies dramatically, suck all the leads your competitors, and you will get as many as customers possible.

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Heaven of the Facebook where Zuck lives!

You can find in his place:

  • Lower CPMs
  • Lower CPCs
  • Lower CPAs
  • And Skyrocket ROI

Listen this place is not fiction, this exists

You can make great profits on money spent. You can make extra money so that you can live your dream life by buying an expensive gift for your wife and more vacation life.

Yes, we reveal the golden strategies that can make a simple, fast, and easy way to get more customers using Facebook ads.


Facebook Ads always go wrong!

Most businesses and marketers make common mistakes while making Facebook ads. The first decide the image first and then write down sales words and that’s it Facebook ads is look like an ads.

Don’t make your Facebook ad like an ad. Most people neglect the ads. From morning to night they are continually hit with many advertisements.

Make your Facebook ads like content to users like they always consume on their Facebook news feed.

That’s why your ads grab more attention of traffic, create more engagement, and send a strong signal to Facebook is that your ads are better and more engaging for the audience.

So, Zuck’s heaven (Facebook) keeps your ads in front of many people and its rewards:

lower the CPM, CPA…

Getting a more quality audience…

Reduce to CPC to get more customers…

And get more sales to increase your ROI.

When we talk about Facebook Algorithm and targeting is really smart!

Facebook algorithm is really smart and they know where your client is.

Trust me!

Don’t make confusion about that demographic information about your buyer persona.

It’s all about game of the WORDS!

Using correct, appropriate, and target words while creating Facebook Ads. Correct words can grab more attention your target audience.

It creates more engagement…

Lowering CPM…

Lowering the cost per click…

Cheaper to get more traffic…

In short, it reduces your cost ads much cheaper so that you can get your client at a very cheap rate.

Note: Your ads content will now allow thinking your client.

Content should be long and well-engaging. Long and engaging content is the winning formula of Facebook ads.

Focus on being different…

Heaven of the Facebook where Zuck lives!

You can find in his place:

  • Lower CPMs
  • Lower CPCs
  • Lower CPAs
  • And Skyrocket ROI

Listen this place is not fiction, this exists

You can make great profits on money spent. You can make extra money so that you can live your dream life by buying an expensive gift for your wife and more vacation life.

Yes, we reveal the golden strategies that can make a simple, fast, and easy way to get more customers using Facebook ads.


Everything is OK, But Facebook Ads don’t work for my business!

So you’ve tried the SEO….

You know Facebook ads could be a heaven game for your business if you played very well.

Before winning the game, the winner should know the rule of the game.

Look, if you choose the wrong psychology, you will not trigger the right words.

If you enter the customer’s mind and read what is his pain, then you can get the right words.

And that’s words help you to get crazy leads for your business.



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Most frequent questions and answers

If you want to increase the revenue and ROI then The Lion Kingdom will help you using our working strategies. Facebook is highly competitive now, The Lion Kingdom not only focuses to spread the sound of the brand but also on a lifelong lead.

Facebook is a great platform to approach more clients and keep engaging old ones. The Lion Kingdom has an expert team that not only focuses to generate quality leads but also more revenue.


A person who says do Facebook really work? Either he doesn’t know how Facebook advertisement works or he got unexpected results while working with other agencies.

Facebook is a great platform to generate quality lead generation and best for customer acquisitions.

Facebook Ads are the most advanced platform in this world. Facebook has an artificial intelligence algorithm by which businesses approach more customers (cold traffic).Facebook pixel is the most sophisticated algorithm which can monitor events and gather information about your customer behavior on your website for example login, buying products, downloading ebooks, and much more. 

Using Facebook pixel data you can target more similar customers to more grow your business and get more profit.

Of course, you can hire an individual in-house and you can manage the Facebook Ads. But what happened when this individual leaves your company? Then you will have to start again, but might this new individual is not an expert in Facebook Ads and will keep your money on fire.

When you hire an agency actually you are hiring a team that is expertise in different domains.

One brain is better than many brains…

In The Lion Kingdom we have proven golden strategies and tactics that we can increase the ROI of our clients and capture crazy leads.

The cost of Facebook Advertising is depending on the working in the domains. The cost depends on the following factors:

  • Market size (Depending on the number of audiences you want to reach)
  • Your business goal (Number of leads do you want per day)
  • Competitions in market( saturated or highly competitive)

Our price depends on your business requirements. We especially quote the price by doing research on your niche. Warning: Don’t be fascinated by the X amount of agencies, Because they don’t know what they are doing.

The Lion Kingdom team has expertise in Facebook Advertising. We have proven strategies and tactics that acquire crazy leads and increase the more ROI. Don’t fall into the trap of the gurus who tell so many strategies, But most of them never tried Facebook Ads.

Every best marketing strategy is customized based on running a business.

Every business is working in a different way in their niche, unique offering, and USP (Unique Selling point) of their product/service.

Strategies are made and customized based on customers’ wants. What is the pain point of your customers? What solution can make them from pain to pleasure? What is the customer journey?
By Identifying the customer journey we can make the message to position yourself as the solution (your product/service).

Once you understand the market and buyer’s journey you can position yourself to get exponential leads.

It’s depending on your website health. If you have an e-commerce website and have good traffic, then we don’t recommend it. Our expert will check your website and see if any improvement is required or not. If your lead generation, then we will make a landing page and we will improve the performance of a landing page.

Yes. Yes. Facebook marketing can be used for any business except a few. Read here strict policies of Facebook before using Facebook marketing: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/

Facebook Ads work differently from Google Ads. Facebook charges on a CPM (means cost per 1000 impressions). CPM includes many factors like competitions, Ad space, your Ad copy, bounce rate, audience size and more.

For examples: 1) 1000 CPM = $30
2) 1% CPC (Cost per click) = ($30/10 clicks = $3 per CPC) (1000 CPM)
3) 10% conversion of landing page on 10 clicks then CPL (Cost per lead) = ($30 spend, 10 Click = $30 CPL)
4) If your budget is $10,000 and CPL is $30 then you’ll get 333 leads.

It depends on a number of factors:

  • Your copy writing skill
  • Your creativity
  • Your product/service USP
  • Audience targeting
  • offers and guarantee
  • Conversion rate
  • And many more

The better answer is Facebook ads used for cold traffic and Google ads used for warmth and hot traffic.
Google Ads are used when you want to target warm and hot buyers. Warm and hot buyers are those who consistently search for solutions for their problems on Google.

And you need not require to convince them to buy your product or service. Facebook Ads are used to expand your markets, acquire the hidden market, more leads, more sales, and more conversations through your marketing funnels.

Big marketers always focus on cold traffic because they know hidden gold. In hot and warm traffic so much competition and all the businesses make an effort to buy from them.