The hidden strategies that will change your Google ads campaigns forever…

Updated: 5th December, 2021

Dear Business Builder,

If you want to blast your sales using Google Ads then you need to follow this simple, Fast and effective strategy that can break your belief.


Because you are going to read this ultimate strategy that can help you to find the gold in the Google Jungle.

I am discussing real and working strategies, not about a ton of theoretical strategies which are told you from most gurus or YouTubers.
I am discussing practical strategies that convert the advertisement into profit. Not all theoretical from YouTubers or gurus which are saying.

The Lion Kingdom team knows about these real and practical strategies, so they mainly focus on the maximum acquiring leads, sales, and profit.

Shit happens! CPLs and CPAs increase after I increased the advertising budget…

ROAS falling to the ground… Your back account status increases your heartbeats…
And you still think about how is this shit happening?

But your marketing agency telling you that you need invest if you need more leads & profit…

And the result is frustrated…

Your ROI is almost vanished like you just throw all your money out of your window.

You are finding a new marketing agency, you do some research finding on Yelp, Craigslist, Google My Business you see his review and then you decide the agency is based on good rating.

Your new marketing agency will see your status and give you feedback like you need to invest more, might get a new logo, or get the new domain to start again.
Finally, you feel like crying…
You want to shout aloud
Feeling throw your laptop out of the window…

And that’s all means…

Google AdWords is a monster that will eat all your money… (I read in a book)

You kept all your money in one basket means Google Adwords basket and money start decreasing and ROI almost invisible…..

Now, you have good news…

The Lion Kingdom company helps you to get maximum ROI and explode to get crazy leads.

We don’t just speak! We can show you if you take risk your money on behalf of us. We work so hard like holding money in our mouths.

We think like that your money is soldiers, who go into the war and bring more Warrier (gold) with them. This means you can get ROI on every penny we spend.

So let’s talk about your Google ad campaign…

10X result from one thing need change in your Google Ads account…

Listen, the one thing changes in your Google AdWords account can:

  • increase your quality score
  • Lower the CPAs and CPLs
  • Lower CPCs
  • And exploding ROI

This one tactic can magically increase more profit and you can make extra money.

Every time you use Google Ads it always goes wrong…


Here you always do you add so many keywords in “one ad group” so that you don’t want to lose to acquiring the leads.

Frankly! It’s not your fear it’s your greed. And this will kill you money.

Hell! So what to do?

Think about what Google wants? Google is a search engine he always wants to rank for one keyword.
What you do, you always make confusing to Google about different keywords.

The solution is to “use one keyword with one ad group”.

So the Google displays your ad for one specific keyword which is your client is searching…

Make your ad copy better to hit your client’s mind and start getting clicks. This means that you will get a good quality score, cheaper CPC, maximum ROI, and getting more profit in your bank account.

Most of the agencies you selected may do their work well, they make your ad copy good and they select the best keywords…

But ads won’t reduce CPCs.

Remember nowadays Google advertising has a huge competition.

Most of the marketing agencies don’t know why they are making ads… and therefore your CPC’s, CPL, and CPA goes high.

Never get your ads at No 1 rank placement on Google.

Most marketing agencies try to sell on ads…

Remember people do not buy from ads (yet). 

It’s like asking for marry in a first date…

The main purpose of the ad is to get clicks only.

Now a day so many ads and competition. Therefore people’s resistance to buy also increased.

Your customer gets the tones of an advertisement from morning till night. Your customer already using phones and they are just one entertaining notification away from social media like Facebook posts or cool Instagram posts.

Maximum marketing agencies make their ads smell like advertisements and boring.

Don’t do bearing either you will kill your ROI…

Shocking news “Only 2% of advertisers gets the 50% Google Traffic”

A 2% winner not only do they have good ads, but also their landing page.

This is also a big indicator for Google that people are clicking your ads and stay longer (or activity) on your landing page.

That means people like your ads and landing page and then Google keeps your ads #1 and the reward would be cheaper ad CPCs.

And still, you are thinking why not people are buying from you?

Most businesses and marketers try to sell on first click on ads.


But they forget about the most important term is “Relationship”

As I told you You just met the girl on the street and asked to marry me!….

You need to go serious, some steps before buying the customer.

You need to do some flirting on the first date with a girl means providing valuable content to your customer so he can raise his hand to get more information. This step is also called nurturing the customer.

You need to follow some steps of romance, then ask a girl to marry. Similarly, you need to provide valuable content to your customer so that he can move a buying journey and will buy your product/service.

That’s why you have good news that we have the free report for you, It contains all the golden strategies that will help you to join in a 2% winner community and will explode the traffic on your website.




Google AdWords - The Lion Kingdom

This Free report contains ultimate killer strategies which are not only a flood of leads and conversions but also to suck all the leads from your competitor like a vacuum cleaner.

Here is what will you discover:

Avoid the most costly and deadly mistake while running a Google Ad campaign.

By reading this free report from now you will save your money and remove the frustrations next time when you run your Google Ad Campaign.

Focus on profitable keywords.

Only focus on profitable keywords that will bring more leads and sales. Then you can aggressively bid on keywords to get floods of profit.

Small and smart changes will bring great results.

Smaller changes will bring you greater results. You will understand those small efforts can be very efficient and cheaper for customer acquisitions. A small hack in the Google ad campaign explodes your sales.

Competitor reverse engineering.

By doing competitor analysis you can suck maximum leads of your competitor and gain more market share using simple written strategies.

Keep your ad in the #1 position.

You will learn how to keep your ads in #1 on exact search terms with the secret of lower bidding than competitors.

and much, much more.

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The ultimate golden strategy that will penetrate competitors’ markets to capture more leads and way to become king of the kingdom.

So you’ve tried the Google Ads….

We know you worked with other agencies and you were also ranked, but there is in some burn…

Now I have to tell you that you have to take the risk of your money on behalf of us so that we can show real results and break your belief about Google Ads.



Yes, you read right…

We are providing this risk-free offer because we are confident (or crazy) about our Google Ads service.

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If not now , then when??

Most frequent questions and answers

The honest answer is first we need to talk to you then will decide. Maximum businesses are using Google Ads and PPC for lead generation, so it  may be applicable for your business.

In the past, you used Google Ads for your business and almost throw the money out of the window because you don’t know how to use strategies.

Here is The Lion Kingdom expert team knows how to use Google Ads and killer strategies to grow your business.

We work so hard and smarter when it comes to the clients we make landing an opt-in page to get more clients and make more profit. If you still aren’t using Google Ads for your business, then you keep money on the table and all your markets slowly eating your competitor.

Google Ads works for e-commerce and service businesses.

Google Ad is the fastest platform to get customers. Customers actively search for solutions to their problems at Google. You can display your ads in front of your customers they will see, click and buy your product/service.

Apart from SEO takes almost 12 months to rank to get the flood of customers. But using Google Ads you’ll get the customers from day 1.

Google advertising is the best platform to display the ad using search, video, and display networks.

The Lion King is the best PPC advertising company which is working smart and hard way. Using copywriter, landing page, and golden strategies we help our clients to grow business and flood the profit.

Using PPC we can make laser focus strategies for SEO.

In PPC we can use exact keywords to get sales and conversions and these results-oriented keywords will be used for SEO organic ranking strategies.

Many businesses, for example, real estate mostly used to combine PPC and SEO to get more exposure in front of their audience to get branding, maximum lead acquisitions, and maximum sales. Using PPC and SEO increases your CTR.

Using PPC data about your client can be used in SEO strategies to target your customer. By combining PPC and SEO both your ads and organically get the click.
In this competitive world if you want to stay ahead of your competitor then combining PPC and SEO is the best option.

Any PPC agency will give you the result…

The Lion King is the best PPC advertising agency. We developed the golden strategies, using these golden strategies we can make help our client’s business to grow his business and flood the profit.

Google Ads are based on pay per click system. Google ads are used for when your client searches on Google and he found your ads then he will click your ads. When clients click on your ads you have to pay for that click.

SEO is the art to rank #1 on your website on Google’s front page. It’s a free listing of your site on google to get organic traffic (Free Traffic).

A quality score is given by Google to your Google Ad Campaign. It is depending on many factors, for example, your ads, keywords, landing page, and more. Basically, quality scores range from 1 to 10. 1 means you need a lot of improvement while 10 is gold.

Quality scores affect your ad’s performance and Pay-per-click. A higher Quality score means cheaper pay per click.