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Updated: 16th November, 2021

Dear Business Builder,

If you want to rank number 1 on the Google first page with the help of an SEO Agency and using keyword terms? You must read this message.


Here is the real fact,, we are already entered into the revolutionary digital world 2022. Now, all the businesses are going online If you still aren’t thinking about shifting your business online probably you would go out of business and your competitor will eat all your markets.

Do you know 10 out of 8 clients search on Google related your services or products? 

Don’t go with my words, just look at what other trusted SEO brands are saying…

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Agency & Company

According Forbes article “Google study showed that 72% of consumers who performed a local search on their smartphone visited a business within five miles of their location.

A 2018 survey tracked 1,000 smartphone users and discovered that over the course of five days, 82% of them had used a “near me” search. Optimizing your site for local search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to driving “near me” searches to your website 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Agency & Company

Hubspot “88% of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone visit or call a store within a day and nearly 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information”.

Why are SEO and SEO agency is important to your business?

Google ranking can break or make your business.

We know, PPC advertisements are also important for your business to get clients faster. But the number one most profitable converting traffic on this planet is Google Organic ranking and traffic.

The reality of successful businesses is they seem to your customer everywhere. What happened if your customer searches on Google and he will not find you?

“Do not put all eggs in one basket” – Warren Buffett

Don’t put all your eggs on Facebook and Google AdWords basket.

Now I am going to reveal to you one shocking fact that will blow your mind and makes you a little anxious.

Do you know why many internet marketers are always a little bit anxious about Google AdWord CPC?

I read one book that they said “Google advisement is a monster and it will eat all your money! Google ad policies and made for big players like Amazon, not for small businesses.

Everyone can keep his opinion through his books, article, or blog it doesn’t matter. The matter is have you verified, tested, and experienced those words?

One more shocking news is from King Kong is that “The Average cost per click (CPC) on Google ads has increased 224% in 4 years

and ….

“The average CPC on Facebook has increased by 171% in the last 12 months”

What do you think CPC will be double for next year? Of course, CPC will be double and continuously going up every year will make it worse. 

Ok I agree, from above all the scenarios and facts, but I had tried SEO from other agencies and it won’t work for my business?

I know you tried with other SEO companies and maybe some agencies make you rank for some keywords on Google search results. But Theses agencies lie to you!

They had focused on the Google ranking to #1 and making backlinks ( buying) but they had not to focus on revenue of your business. All their strategies are based on the improvement of ranking not based on increasing your business revenues. They have more focused on getting quick bucks for themselves.

As a matter of fact, Why do you want to rank #1 on Google search results? Of course for more leads, more customer acquisitions, more sales, more revenue, and profit.

Every year, Google Algorithm changes dramatically and you will fall into the trap as Google wants. All the old SEO strategies done by your old SEO agencies will be penalized of new Google Updated algorithms 2021 and you are immensely investing to get 10X results from top ranking. And the end of the scenario you still feel that SEO is hard and unachievable at the level your competitor is doing. 

Google hates “tricks” they always penalize the websites that want to rank by violation of Google policy. 90% of SEO companies do tricks of PBN (Private Blog Network) they don’t tell the client a straight they always hide and finally your site gets penalized by Google. 

Good News…..

We have revealed the secret of Google ranking, which explodes the traffic & sales on your website!



SEO Company in Nagpur

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So you’ve tried the SEO…

And you’re still in doubt that search engine optimizations works?

I know you do not believe due to past lies from other SEO agencies. But one thing I am telling you is that we are different from other SEO agencies. We bring different results!
We do not keep your money on fire as the other SEO agencies did.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Finding a good SEO agency is a little bit hard in a noisy digital world. SEO can make or break your business. Good SEO practice help your business to get a flood of free organic traffic and help to convert the searching consumer into a long-life customer.

In fact, working with the wrong SEO agencies can be a risk to your brand, and make your website will be penalized by Google. So, before you work with any SEO agency you need to do some research and see consistent results.

Here is The Lion Kingdom the best digital marketing agency Worldwide that will give you the results you want. Our trusted and safe method will give you amazing results guaranteed.

Most of the SEO agency are up to date with the latest trends, but what makes us different we are thinking about future SEO and businesses. Our SEO services practices make you rank in the search engines whether you are a big business or a small business.

To clarify, don’t just go to my words, just go and grab our “25-minutes strategy session” to call you and allow us to show you the results

It depends of many factors as given below:

  • the current domain/Authority to work on
  • the competition of the niche
  • difficulty to rank a particular keyword
  • the rate at which domain wish to grow

Red Flag: Many SEO companies highlight their prices on their website, they want to use the same strategies for your businesses that they are working for other businesses.

But different businesses need different strategies according to their need.

Our price is depending on the custom creation of strategies according to your business need and depend on your niche.

The Lion Kingdom SEO agency, we work very hard.

We are providing the guarantee of a one-page ranking on Google within 90 days or we work for free until hit the target.

You don’t have to pay any single penny is until we hit the target.

No, we use only white hat techniques. We believe in a long-lasting and result-oriented business.

If you will find any black hat techniques then come to us, we will solve the problem as soon as possible and save your business from the Google penalty.

We are working with quality, not with quantity. One quality backlinks that can beat one thousand low-quality backlinks.

Many SEO agencies play the game of selling backlinks they do not think about quality. As a best SEO agency we sell results that can rank your website from prestigious platforms.

Like other SEO agencies we don’t play the number of games that means backlinks/moths. Actually we help our clients to get consistent placement from the quality platforms with their business niche.

Our high-quality backlinks help our clients to boost their ranking and our off-page strategy will convert your website to your cash-generating machine.

Many people are saying that “SEO is not working” or “SEO is dead”. They are saying because the hell they don’t know what they are doing.
They do roll contracts with the SEO agencies and after a few months, they rank for a useless keyword. After a few months of all time, money, energy results will be zero with frustration.

The Lion Kingdom is a digital marketing agency working for local, national, and international brands. We have an SEO specialized team which can rank your website in any competitive niches.

PPC is based on the auction and bidding against your competitor for each click and increasing every 4 years. A PPC catches only 5-20% clicks for particular terms.

Using PPC for a particular search query acquired 50-200 clicks per moths (for 1000 searches) only and PPC prices will be increasing every year. Using SEO organic traffic you have to rank once, you’ll get 700-950 for the same keywords (for 1000 searches) for a year and you don’t have to pay to any advertising platforms

Yes. SEO service is applicable to all types of businesses. SEO service helps you to clients find your band instead of your competitor, help you acquire more market share in your niche, help your business to grow, and get more sales.

In short, SEO helps you to make money.

Because we are different from other SEO agencies. The best SEO agency we provide guaranteed results and we don’t use dirty tricks (PBN) like other SEO agencies. We focus on long-lasting and result-oriented services for our clients.

It’s completely depending on the client business nature, as given below:

  • business working in the niche
  • Number of keywords to rank
  • Goal of client
  • Budget of the clients

In the house, our experts do extensive keyword research using different buyer personas. The keyword deciding factor is best on which keywords have more profit margin and financial growth of the business.

First, we need to check your website is SEO friendly or not and its performance. We have a technical team that can work on your website to make it SEO-friendly. If your website has so much technical code and glitches then we sometimes recommended parallel websites.

Frankly speaking, some websites can restore from Google penalty and some don’t. Yes, we can try to restore your business from Google’s penalty.
If your website penalty will not address in time, then we can restore your business with a new domain and website.

Many SEO agencies will tell you “we cannot give a guarantee” or “It depends on your budget and competition”. But we give the guarantee about 90 days ranking on the first page of Google.

You know our best part he “If we late after 90 days we start working free until you get the result”