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SEO company in Nagpur

SEO Company In Nagpur

The Lion Kingdom is the best SEO company in Nagpur. We help our clients to rank their website on the first page of Google in 90 days. We have the best SEO experts who guarantee that your website will get featured and get organic traffic on the first page of Google.

In short, If you need to know more about SEO and services you can go through an article, or you can skip the article and go down directly to know about services.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is best practice to optimize the website for a better appearance and make your website organically rank to the first page of Google with the specific search term. Because the search on the Google and organic discover on the website is the most the prominent on this earth for people. Having a good SEO strategy is not only improves your website quality but also gets the quality of traffic.

Why SEO is important for Businesses?

SEO is the number one method to get organic traffic on your website.

SEO Company in Nagpur

As above, Google rank is based on many signals from the website. SEO is important for a website because it boosts organic rank on search engines and improves quality traffic.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

Traffic is the main benefit of SEO but there are so many benefits related to traffic are given below:

1. More ogranic traffic

Maximum people click the first-page ranks website and those are the top gets more traffic.

SEO Company in Nagpur

From the diagram, we can see the highest-ranking website gets more quality traffic. The more organic ranking the more quality traffic will get. For example, type any niche keyword on Google in particular terms you will find the top organic ranking website on.

You can competitor analysis top three websites from tools like ahref/Moz/ubersuggest and you will find higher the ranking the more traffic. According to ahref study found that organic ranking correlated to the traffic of the page.

2. SEO practice makes consistent organic traffic

Organic ranking leads to consistent and passive quality traffic. PPC and email marketing give sudden spikes of traffic, then soon fade away. This happens because, in social media, people are habitual for daily fresh content and entertainment while email is always marked, deleted, or forgotten.

However, every month searches are consistent and higher ranking websites get regular organic and passive traffic

3. Organic free traffic

Paying traffic versus organic traffic is “free”.
Paying for ads is expensive and paying for ads while bidding grows linearly for more check out this page SEO agency.
For example, Google has millions of searches per month then for grabbing those searches you need to pay 2X million per month which is not possible.

What is SEO service?

Indexing your website means you are in the race, but not winning while SEO is a process that makes to chances of winning. Need SEO strategies to rank your website organically, but need a good website.

Firstly, SEO practice starts with a good domain that includes the main keyword, for example, you have a restaurant then you can add “name + keyword” which means “”. A good domain is your brand name, no hyphen, and short to easily remember.

Secondly, you need a good web hosting service that can store your website on the hard disk that is on the internet. A good web hosting service includes dedicated hosting which is costly as compared to shared hosting. Shared hosting is cheap only a few dollars per month suitable for startups, small businesses, and small traffic per month. Dedicated hosting is always a good option when your website ranks organically and traffic increases gradually. Additionally, it includes security, server, location preferred in the same country to reduce the website loading time, and support 24×7.

Thirdly, install an SSL certificate on the web hosting server to secure your website from “http” to “HTTPS”, Good-looking website, make it mobile-friendly, use a readable font, avoid irritating pop-ups ads, make it sure loads faster.

In short, Google ranks those pages that have a good visitor experience.

Fourthly, make sure your website navigates easily for both search engines and users. Create a proper logical hierarchy for your content.

SEO Company in Nagpur

A proper hierarchy of your website content helps to search engines to find new pages, page rank around your website, and understand what your website is about.

Additionally, If you are using WordPress as a website make sure a post name from the WordPress setting will help you to rank your every newly published content.

Sixthly, For Good SEO practice install good SEO plugins, for example, Yoast SEO is a good SEO plugin to help you to make your content SEO friendly.

Hence, for good SEO practice and SEO success, the SEO process is divided into four facets as given below:

1. Keyword Research

Finding keywords is the first step of the SEO process it helps us to identify monthly searches per month and how difficult to rank for a specific keyword. For keyword research, you need a good tool you can use popular tools like ahref/Moz/ubersuggest or any similar. 

Remember good keywords are always a sufficient amount of traffic and low difficulty from easy to rank, and having a low amount of traffic is also good because it is always better quality (target customer) over quantity.

2. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is all about optimization of your content, it helps to understand search engines about your content. Many people think about On-page SEO is about only placing keywords, but it is only one part of the SEO process.

  • Only Google is better to understand about online searcher than anyone.
  • Use descriptive URL structure, for every new post need to set a descriptive slug—the part at the end of the URL.
  • Write a catchy title, including your target keyword which aligns with the search intent.

3. Image Optimization

Most people neglect image optimization, image is ranked on the search engine and a mostly big part of the traffic comes from images. For image optimization rename the image using purpose, intent, use the main keyword in the ALT tag, and make a proper compress so that your page can load faster.

4. Link building

Link building or backlink is good practice in SEO but this process is also arguable on the internet. Every backlink is a vote for your page to rank organically.

Here are good white hat technics for link building:

  • Guest blogging: writing quality and valuable content on third-party websites creates a backlink for your website.
  • Skyscraper technique: Providing tons and tons of value in content that people are finding always helps to get lots of backlinks. People like the most valuable content and they generally give backlinks by sharing or recommendations on their website.
  • Pursuing competitors’ links: You can use SEO tools to know the backlinks of your competitor. Through backlinks, you can approach similar sites and try to get the backlinks to your website.

4. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is quite a little complicated, we have already explained some parts, it includes so many factors like glitches or robot.txt or plugins which are blocked to the Google crawler to index your page and many more. A good web designer can solve these issues.

How to choose SEO Agency?

Do some research before hiring an SEO agency. Because an SEO agency can make or break your business. Before hiring an SEO agency you need to consider the following points.

  • Check their website itself is ranking on Google’s first page for the specific keyword term. For example, if searching “SEO company in Nagpur” you will find the ranking website.
  • Most agencies are promises to rank for certain keywords but if you rank for a different keyword and this keyword term is not searching using target customer then what is used to rank for this keyword.
  • Most SEO agencies won’t tell you about their dirty secret that is buying backlinks of PBN (Private Blog Network). Google hates buying links if he found your website then he will punish your website. The result you will get waste of money, waste of time and finally frustrations.

If you need more information, please download our free report.

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SEO Company in Nagpur

The Lion Kingdom is the best SEO company in Nagpur

SEO Company in Nagpur - The Lion Kingdom

Our team of highly skilled and experienced SEO experts has been giving outstanding results to our clients. We have to make our customers aware of our SEO services and SEO hosting services. We try our best to give quality services to our clients at affordable prices. Our SEO services to many well-known and reputed names. Our SEO services are available 24×7 so that the clients can contact our company anytime and anytime.

Nagpur SEO Company has a great reputation among its clients. We are the most professional and experienced SEO company in Nagpur. Our experts are experts in many fields including social media, internet marketing, advertising, graphic design, content writing, and SEO services.

Our services include,

Audit Website: While auditing the website, we will check the current health of your website. Optimize it to fast loading speed, remove technical glitches, and be mobile-friendly.

On-Page SEO: It is a process or technique to rank the webpage on search engines. This process includes proper placing of the main keywords and relevance keywords, optimizing meta title and meta descriptions, internal linking pages, image optimization, keyword density, unique and converting content.

Off-page SEO: We are focusing to create quality backlinks using our white hat techniques, guest posting, press releases, build a high authority domain, and much more.

Report and analysis: Monitoring your website health and current ranking, developing and implementing strategies to rank #1 of search engine. Generating and discussing reports with clients.

and much much more…


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